I am so happy that you are reading this!
I am an actress, born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A taurus artist craving for expressing herself. 

My first love was Theatre, training on acting techniques but also learning from other roles off stage. That’s why I studied to become a Drama Teacher as well. 


Being on set, acting in short films or hosting Tv shows, is where I started my romance with camera.
But in the middle of everything radio and VoiceOver came into my life. With so much passion like everything else. Thus I challenged myself and got my certification as “Dubbing and VoiceOver actor” from one of the best public schools in Buenos Aires. 

It is not easy to chase your dreams, but If you have patience you can do anything!
After a few years of coming to LA to study acting at Stella Adler’s, I was ready to apply for my artist visa! I said to myself “It is difficult but not impossible”. And since last year I’ve been living in L.A., in the valley. My dear Valley.


I am here to continue growing and learning from, and with, the people I come across. There is a lot to discover for an Argentinian actress here!
Hopefully we’ll find ourselves working together in the future! 

(Stalk me freely on my TV, VO, RADIO and FILM sections. There will more to come!)